A few words about me

I used to think I was a science oriented person with fewer roots in the artistic/philosophical aspects of life; but luckily that belief did not last long. After graduating from Computer Sciences University, already working in the IT field, I was faced with a continuously growing feeling of not belonging to this mechanical world; that's when I started looking for meaning beyond the material aspects of life, and so I discovered the nature - a place that seemed to have an answer for all of my questions, a place I finally felt I belonged too.
And from this revelation, photography was born. It originally started as a hobby, back in 2013, when I discovered that not only do I enjoy exploring nature, but I also like capturing its beauty and sharing it with others. Soon after that, it transformed into a passion, which complemented perfectly my love for nature, and from there on, they both went hand in hand. At its core, nature is a primordial concept that relates to the process of untainted evolution, a process that even we, as people, go through when we are brought into this world; unfortunately the 'natural' course of life is interrupted soon after we are born, as we are pushed further and further away from what nature intended. Throughout the life, some people realize this and tend to go back to that primordial stage by seeking the natural into this highly artificial world.
I guess I am one of those people, looking to rediscover what it means to be part of this nature, to connect to it and experience the emotion of resonating and living in harmony with it; and photography is a means through which I can bring a small part of this joy to other people, and hopefully trigger in them this innate love for the nature. It is rare when this happens, but when it does, the satisfaction it brings is enormous! ..because life has no sense at all, yet I still try to make one of it.
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